Kickoff, was launched in August 2017, by Duarte Gomes, former international referee and current commentator, in partnership with the communication agency Upgrade Agency.
The website was developed with the aim of making one of Duarte Gomes’s life projects real:
“We want to elucidate everyone who wants to understand a little better some of the referees’ decisions and their legal basis.”

– Branding
– Logo Creation
– Website production with content manager
– Design
– Photomontages
– Facebook and Twitter page management
– Promotional videos creation
– Content creation


Duarte Gomes



The Logo

When creating the logo, there was a need to create something modern and easily understand the brand’s theme, without using the most common, in this theme, of soccer balls, referee cards or whistles.


The word “Kickoff” refers to the kick-off, which is taken in midfield. And so the idea of subtle reference to the midfield emerged, without losing the modernity and elegance of the font chosen for the logo.


Although yellow is not the official color of referees, it is this color together with black that we are used to seeing our referees on the field.


The font had to transmit strength and modernity.


Kickoff is a brand of Duarte Gomes, former international referee. Thus, there was a need to place the author’s name in order to give credibility and a direct link between the brand and Duarte Gomes.

Kickoff website


– Development of content and linkbuilding strategy;
– Technical implementation: title tags, description tags, alt text, keywords, sitemaps, etc .;
– Optimization of images and cache systems;
– Articulation with Google Analytics and Search Console.


Kickoff social media


Other vídeos

O Dia Seguinte – Sic Notícias Channel  0:30

Intro of the Kickoff rubric for the program “O Dia Seguinte” – Sic Notícias Channel

Kickoff – Foradas#4linhas 0:09

Heading animation “Fora das 4 Linhas”

Fora das 4 linhas – Paulo Garcia 21:20

Filming and editing of “Fora das 4 Linhas” with Paulo Garcia.